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Heard of a company called EcoBunker Ltd?

Everyone enjoys a success story and the golf industry has one such story to tell. Heard of a company called EcoBunker Ltd? Well let me tell you more. Once every generation we are lucky to hear of a groundbreaking idea, that time is now and the beneficiaries are golf courses and everyone associated with them throughout the UK and abroad.

Richard Allen, Co- Founder of EcoBunker Ltd has developed and patented a design that is in increasing demand from golf courses throughout the world, quite simply due to the many benefits seen by golfers, Greenkeepers , Managers and Owners. The construction method is used on golf courses used by the R&A for final Open Qualifying events, giving credibility and peace of mind to every golf club, golfers and ground’s staff alike.

The benefits of installing EcoBunker are in the perfect all year round natural looks, offering optimum playing conditions for all golfers for a period of in excess of twenty years. This unique design prevents soil and stone ingress through bunker sides and reduces the time Green keepers spend clearing up this unwanted debris. This highly revered design has won many accolades from the good and great within the world of golf and is testament to the skill and professionalism of the EcoBunker team headed up by Civil Engineer Richard Allen.

The great news is that all golf clubs who have invested in EcoBunker are reporting incredible savings in bunker maintenance costs of over 80%. This has enabled labour to be transferred to other golf course tasks resulting in an overall improvement in the general condition of their course. The aesthetics and integrity of each EcoBunker design is maintained due to having a strong resistance to all forms of erosion, including wind, water, animals and club impact. Furthermore this groundbreaking design produces a stable safe edge or higher face eliminating bunker face and edge erosion which is also important from a health and safety aspect, protecting Green keepers and golfers in the course of their activities.

Ecobunker is highly sustainable. Comprised of 100% recycled materials, it fully complies with the R&A and the Golfing Union of Wales’ drive to promote sustainability in golf, environmentally and economically.

The EcoBunker method is adaptable for a range of designs, suitable for different styles of golf course as illustrated by a short list of Richard’s clients: Southerndown, Druids Heath, Royal Winchester, Royal St David’s, Yelverton, Chart Hills, Lee on Solent, Conwy, St Andrews Links, Turnberry, Clyne, Glamorganshire, Beau Desert, Shirehampton, Winterfield, Hamburg Oberalster, Essen, Secession (South Carolina) and Trump National Jupiter (Florida).

To Discover how EcoBunker can solve your bunker challenges, save you money and at the same time have happy golfers and Green keepers on your course, speak with Richard Allen on 02920 660154 or 07584 495688 or email

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