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It’s not just the Course that’s Green at The Dorset Golf Resort

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The Resort goes green with great new green energy initiatives

Spring is here and The Dorset Golf Resort has never looked better! Many new paths and walkways have been created to take the typical wear the course experiences during the year. More trees have been planted to change the shape of a good few holes with many areas opened up improving the views and scenery around the course.

But it’s not only the course that’s green, during the winter the whole Resort has gone green moving over to green energy!

The Resort is utilizing two sources of green energy installing 2 biomass boilers and two large areas of solar panels. These are positioned to deliver power across the complex from the large air conditioned clubhouse and panoramic restaurant to the Golf Hotel & Bowls Arena.

“As one of the largest Golf Resorts in the South of England it’s important that we try to do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve even invested in a fleet of 20 electric buggies saving on our petrol consumption. Many of our guests stay with us solely to enjoy the course and the area of outstanding natural beauty the Resort sits in. Our aim is to keep it that way for many years to come.” Graham Packer - General Manager

The Resort has cleverly installed all of the new green energy initiatives in areas that are hidden from plain sight. This means the outstanding area of natural beauty that the Resort sit’s in remains unspoilt. This latest project falls in line with Resorts previous development, of their twelve eco friendly 5 Star Scandinavian Luxury Log Houses.

It’s great to see a Resort that‘s moving with the times and green everywhere from the course to the clubhouse!

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