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Hoebridge Golf Centre Completes £180,000 Driving Range Refurbishment

Hoebridge Golf Centre, part of BGL Golf who own and operate ten destinations across the UK, has completed a £180,000 refurbishment of its driving range.

Situated in Old Woking, Hoebridge’s new facility officially opened on Saturday 11th April. Customers will notice major improvements to the outfield targets, with the addition of new pitching nets and distance markers, as well as a completely new pitching green.

The refurbishment has also seen improvements to the infield facilities, including refreshing the flooring and lighting, and making the roof more resilient to condensation.

Several new bespoke teaching bays will optimise tuition and coaching, whilst the provision of Wi-Fi connectivity in every bay will further enhance the customer experience.

A number of heated bays and seating will make practice in the winter months more comfortable, as well as the addition of vending machines for both hot and cold drinks and confectionery.

Mike O'Connell, General Manager at Hoebridge, commented: “We are very excited about these improvements to our driving range and feel sure customers will enjoy the opportunity to make use of what will be an extremely high-quality practice facility; the best in the area.

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