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It's not often that Europe's award-winning, leading multi-channel specialist golf retailer, Direct Golf, is happy that customers are not taking up one of its special offers.

But when it comes to its unique 30-day performance guarantee for custom-fitted clubs, company bosses are delighted that just one customer has returned in the first two months of the offer.

The guarantee is applicable to any of the company's 21 stores across the UK where custom-fitting of clubs is carried out. It means any customer, who has been custom-fitted, has 30 days in which they can revisit the store to be re-assessed, if they feel the clubs purchased are not performing. Should it be discovered that the fitting was not correct, Direct Golf will take back the used equipment and start the fitting process again to ensure the customer is 100 per cent satisfied.

And Simon Corp, Direct Golf's marketing manager and a class AA PGA professional, feels just one returning customer shows that staff really are experts in club fitting and that the guarantee gives purchasers more confidence in a service with which many are still unfamiliar.

He explained: "We have our price-beat challenge at Direct Golf, but we feel there is more to good service than just prices; we also want our customers to have peace of mind when it comes to their purchase and the 30-day performance guarantee will give them extra assurance.

"What's more we firmly believe having just one person come back to us shows the expertise and accuracy of our fitting and fitters. But if anybody has any nagging doubts, because they may not be completely au fait with how club fitting will improve their game, the 30-day performance guarantee will surely put their mind at ease."

Custom fitting is carried out by fully qualified PGA professionals using Flightscope® launch-monitor technology and Global Play Golf's high-speed advanced analysis systems, and the fitting sessions are free when making an in-store hardware purchase.

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