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A round of golf and a run before breakfast, in a time you wouldn’t expect

On Saturday 22nd and 29th August, speedgolf is coming to Windlesham Golf Club, Bagshot, Surrey for the first time. Members and visitors will be able to try this exciting new sport in time for their breakfast at the golf club recently voted “Club of the Year” by England Golf’s Golfmark accreditation programme. This will be one of 5 speedgolf events in Surrey from the 13th to 29th August. Windlesham Golf Club has teamed up with GreenRunner ( to deliver these sessions. Dominic Warne, co-founder of GreenRunner says, “It’s a new format that appeals to a younger audience especially today’s “time poor” golfers and runners. By combining running and golf where you run between each shot, carrying a half set of clubs, you can play 18 holes in about an hour with just moderate levels of fitness. We’re giving people the time to play a sport they love, in a time they wouldn’t expect”. “By partnering with such a high quality club as Windlesham, their members and visitors can now easily fit golf and exercise into the weekend without sacrificing lots of family time and get a bit fitter in the process. And they can grab a great breakfast at the end of the session in the clubhouse.” Stewart Judd, General Manager for Windlesham Golf Club added, “Windlesham Golf Club is excited to offer this fast and innovative new sport as a trial for its membership and for our visitors. We’re not a traditional golf club though we have traditional values with an innovative approach. We look forward to delivering a great speedgolf experience with GreenRunner on the course, and great “après speedgolf” in our clubhouse”

Members and visitors can book their tee times by e-mailing, stating their preferred date and tee time plus whether they want to play 9 or 18 holes. Individuals tee off every 4 minutes from 0700 to 0804. For members, the event is just £8 for 9 holes, or £10 for 18 holes, which includes a post-round bacon roll and tea/coffee. Visitors get the chance to experience 9 holes of one of the South East’s top 50 courses for just £20, or £30 for 18 holes. Again, this includes a breakfast bacon roll and tea/coffee after the round. There is also a series of “sunset speedgolf” events on consecutive Thursday nights 13th-27th August at Laleham Golf Club, Chertsey. Participants will be able to finish work, tee off between 6pm and 8pm and be finished in 60 minutes. www.GreenRunner.Club is the online community for speedgolfers and a growing network of golf courses offering speedgolf. GreenRunner has this new sport to create a golfing and running challenge that delivers a faster and more convenient format, a physical and mental challenge and the opportunity to play at a time more convenient for your lifestyle, thanks to late afternoon and evening sessions. The speedgolf challenge is all about balancing speed and control. Run too hard and you’ll struggle to be in control when taking your shot. Go too slowly and the time will tick upwards and impact your score. Participants add their total number of golf shots to the total time taken to run the golf course to determine their speedgolf score. E.g. 85 shots in a time of 75 minutes, 13 seconds gives a speedgolf score of 160.13. The GreenRunner team is also aiming to boost participation in both golf and activity as well as supporting local businesses through their speedgolf sessions. Participation in golf has declined by over 25% in the last 8 years, whilst levels of inactivity grow amongst both adults and children. Dominic Warne, continues, “We have so many great courses in and around Surrey, but people are struggling to find 2-3 hours to get active. If we can get more people playing as part of today’s hectic lifestyle, then individuals and local businesses can reap the benefit.” To join the community of speedgolfers and to find out more about how to play, visit or e-mail

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