Sutton Green Golf Club welcomes Gary Smith

Known by many to be the No 1 short game coach in the country, Gary Smith is bringing his expertise to Surrey and is now coaching at Sutton Green Golf Club.

Gary, an Advanced Fellow of the PGA and has presented well over 100 short game seminars to over a 1000 PGA Professionals in the UK and Europe. He has 14 years experience as an England Golf Technical Coach to the elite men’s amateur squad and 10 years working as an England Girl’s Technical Coach. He has coached tour pros to wins in the Scottish, Portuguese and Italian Opens, represented Great Britain and Ireland in the PGA Cup, is a former winner of the Kenya Open Championship and has competed in The Open Championship 3 times!

With all those achievements notched up its not hard to see why he is rated in the top 25 coaches in the UK!

The Linear Approach

Gary’s “Linear approach” to short game technique is said by many to be groundbreaking so Justin met up with him at Sutton Green for a quick lesson…

I first saw Gary at the London Golf show a few years ago, at the time I was struggling with my own short game. I had the chipping “yips” and was hitting divots further than the ball! I had worked on different techniques to improve but none seemed to help. What Gary was saying at the show however was clicking, so I purchased his short game app for my Smartphone and began to practise what was being preached.

I was Ecstatic with the improvements and stuck with the Linear approach. Meeting up with Gary at Sutton Green Golf Club, was a great chance to see how I was doing.

Very quickly we set to work looking at my technique and within a couple of shots and a small adjustment from Gary, I was now confidently striking the ball out of the middle of the club every time.

With this minor adjustment I now feel I can get my short game finely tuned from being already dramatically improved from using his app and DVD.

If you are struggling with your short game as I was, Gary Smith will give you a fresh approach and a marked improvement with he’s Linear technique. Pop down to Sutton Green and find out for yourself…