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Play better golf this winter

If you're looking to improve your golf this winter or just keep it ticking over, be sure to check out The Golf Studio in Lower Kingswood, Surrey.

The studio's instructors Steve Blacklee and Simon Bates specialise in golf coaching and club fitting using an array of latest technology at their disposal.

In the perfect environment of the indoor studio, real improvements can be made on a golf swing using the V1 video coaching system. Video coaching is now used for the majority of sports instruction with great effect.

The Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor gives precise feedback on the club and ball and is a fantastic tool to use for both coaching and club fitting.

The studios facilities are also available to hire for unaccompanied practice sessions, perfect for those dark winter evenings.

To enquire about coaching, club fitting or practice sessions give the studio a call on (01737) 833444 or visit the website at


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