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Hoebridge Golf Centre Unveils Major £500,000 Investment Plans

Hoebridge Golf Centre, a BGL venue in Woking, is excited to unveil £500,000 worth of investment plans that are currently underway at the centre.

The plans include the construction of a new, adult-only lounge area to be used during peak times, and a complete refurbishment of the gym and studio areas which will include the provision of new, state-of-the-art gym equipment.

The completion of a brand new £90,000 ‘party room’ function suite marks the first stage of the ambitious project.

The new space has been built specifically to enhance the facilities on offer at the centre, and will offer a convenient and purpose-built area for both children’s parties and business conferences.

“It’s incredibly exciting for us to see the developments starting to take shape, and over the next few months we will see the centre enhanced to provide an even better experience for our members and visitors,” commented Mike O’Connell, Senior General Manager at Hoebridge Golf Centre.

“The new party room offers privacy from the rest of the centre as it is completely separate from the main clubhouse and can cater for both celebrations and business conferences,” continued O’Connell.

The party house has been designed so that it can accommodate up to 40 people, but can be split into two sections to allow smaller groups of 20 to use their own, private space.

The overall developments at the centre will be ongoing, and are expected to be complete and open for use within the next few months.

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