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Latest addition enables Pros to become experts in putting analysis.

Foresight Sports, market leader in golf launch monitors and simulation technology, has added a new putting dimension to its ground-breaking GCQuad launch monitor that now produces data for every club in the bag.

Golf industry professionals can become experts in putting analysis with accurate real-time measurement of the putter club head delivery and ball launch performance, thanks to the world’s first quadrascopic launch monitor and its high-resolution cameras allied to a new putting module.

The Quad’s ultra-high-speed cameras capture every detail of the club delivery, along with the carry, skid and roll characteristics of the putt, with results displayed on the device’s integrated indoor/outdoor display screen or through any connected mobile or PC device.

Just some of the club data measured and reported includes: club head speed, efficiency, angle of attack, horizontal path, delivery loft, delivery lie, face angle, ball impact location and closure rate. And for the ball, the system measures ball speed, launch angle, airborne time and distance, skid time and distance, time to full roll, back spin, forward spin, and side spins.

“The new putting module further elevates the GCQuad as the most advanced launch monitor in the golf industry,” said Edward Doling, Director of Foresight Sports Europe. “We are now able to measure and report an incredible array of putter delivery and putting performance data, all to our usual incredible level of accuracy. Putting on the Quad is ready to go in less than a minute’s set-up time with no need to mount anything to the putter shaft. It’s also fully portable, meaning professionals and fitters can use it indoors in the studio or outside on the green, or both in a single lesson or fitting.

“We’re hugely excited to be able to offer industry-leading putting analysis to every pro, fitter and retailer through their investment into the GCQuad and its putting module. Getting custom fitted into a new putter, analysing your stroke and being coached in putting is massively important to every amateur golfer. We hope that this new release will allow more and more professionals to offer a full putting service to their client base,” he added.

Foresight’s new putting module for GCQuad will be available in the UK from April at an RRP of £2,500 + VAT. To arrange a demonstration or to pre-order putting analysis for GCQuad please call 01483 779222 or email

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