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Gripping innovation at

In a market flooded with every grip imaginable and restricted by golfing regulation, you’d be forgiven for thinking there was no room for innovation. Yet Pendulum Golf’s two PGA Professionals, owners Kyle Potter and Jack Landauer, have achieved just that with their innovative ‘Wedge Grips’ and ‘Putter Grips’, which are specifically designed to improve your short game.

Landauer explains: “The top exponents of the short game agree it’s all about feel and that’s encouraged by repeating the same grip every time. Putter grips encourage that, but we’ve taken things further with soft feel grips for both putters and wedges, designed to maximise feel while ensuring consistent holding of the grip.”

Potter continues: “We call it the V-Line design: a central line for thumb placement and a V-Line for the finger placements. We developed the initial designs 18 months ago, had them made by a specialist manufacturer, tested them, got them patented and made them market ready. By creating grips for wedges as well as putters, we’ve achieved something that’s never been done before. We put our Pendulum Golf grips in the hands of the BB&O’s top coach, elite amateur players, and PGA professionals. Their feedback was amazing.”

He says: “Our grips enhance your short game feel by enabling lighter grip pressure. Each grip has the same design and material, with the wedge grips specifically designed for your short game shots. The putter grips are designed with two weightings: our lighter 45.G grip for a slower tempo and a heavier head feel, and 90.G for a faster tempo and a lighter head feel. Each putter grip comes in large and small sizes: large for those who want to control their hands, and small for those pursuing maximum feel.”

Landauer summarises: “Our Pendulum Golf wedge and putter grips are genuinely revolutionary. Our website with all the information, and our online shop is at, and you can see us via Instagram and Twitter on @pendulumgolf. We’re already taking orders, so if you or your customers want to improve your short game, call me on 07909 119 591.”

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