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With the 2018 season of the Hotel Planner PGA EuroPro Tour about to get underway, Europe’s leading development tour has announced that it will be replacing all of its water bottles with sustainable options.

In 2017 the Tour provided over 5500 water bottles to participants in its events. This year, inspired by the Sky Ocean Rescue campaign, each participant will receive a re-usable water bottle for use in competition.

Daniel Godding, CEO of the Tour commented, “The Sky Ocean Rescue campaign is all about making the small everyday changes that collectively make a huge difference and we recognised that by making our own small change, we could contribute to the health of the oceans. This is an important campaign and I’m delighted that we can be a part of making a difference.”

The Tour will install water stations around the course at every event for players to fill up. So while every player will get all the water they need, the Tour is taking its step in reducing waste and plastic consumption, helping safeguard the water the world needs.

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