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Shire London’s Lee Cox sends five to World Long Driving finals

If you want to smash it freaky-long, head for The Shire London.

Why? Because The Shire is where the longest hitters in Europe head for their golf lessons.

The club’s specialist long driving coach Lee Cox has sent five of Europe’s premier monster-hitters to this week’s 2018 Volvik World Long Drive Championships in Oklahoma, USA.

It’s a personal best for Cox, who is renowned as the premier long-driving coach in Europe.

Double world champion Joe Miller, plus Scottish ace James Tait, European #1Martin Borgmeier and up-and-coming Essex 21-year old Tyler Dangerfield all qualified for the Open category in the 2018 world championships after coaching from Lee Cox.

And Irishman William Hunt-Tyrrell, another Cox pupil, qualified for the Masters (over-45s) finals.

Cox also coached disability golf star Mike Gays to the World Amputee Long Drive Championship title earlier this year.

“World-class long drive specialists like Joe, Mike and the rest all combine massive precision with an explosive power which is beyond the reach of most golfers, but there are common factors which everybody can learn from – male or female, and whatever age you are” said Cox, a 48-year old PGA Fellow Professional. “Given time I can help any golfer to add at least 10mph to their swing speed, which means roughly twenty yards extra off the tee. And often, the results can be even more startling.”

He continued: “To compete at world level in the Open category you need to be swinging at around 150mph, which only a few people in the world can do. Male Tour golfers generally swing at around 113mph, in comparison, with club golfers swinging between 75 and 95 mph. But everybody’s golf swing is different, slow or fast. Adding a few miles per hour, even for a senior golfer, can make all the difference out on the golf course.

“Come to The Shire London and I guarantee you will leave a bigger hitter off the tee!”

Cox normally accompanies his pupils to the States for the World Finals, but this year he had to stay at home – for a family wedding.

To book a long-driving lesson with Lee Cox, call The Shire London on 020 8441 7649.

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