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New golf hardware brand Eleven Golf believe they have identified an under served niche in the market. Launched in April, their clubs eschew the traditional 3-PW set of irons in favour of the HS Tour Hybrid set, replacing every club in the set with a hybrid.

Following 18 months of product development and testing, Eleven have found their hybrid designs to be much easier to hit for golfers with an average to slow swing speed, helping golfers hit the ball higher and further with ease.

Boasting a low and deep centre of gravity for higher launch, and perimeter weighting for increased forgiveness on off centre hits, the HS Tour Hybrids also feature a sole design that enables them to pick the ball cleanly off tight fairways and semi rough.

Founder Richard Hemming said “The response to the new HS Tour Hybrid sets has been incredible, anyone who has tried the products cannot believe the distance and control they get over their existing golf clubs.”

“The average golfer doesn’t swing 100 miles an hour, they don‘t even swing at 90 miles an hour. Our irons are designed to help them maximise their game with the best equipment for them.“

The Eleven Golf HS Tour Hybrid sets are available in gents right hand (3-PW) and ladies right hand (4-PW), all of which are fitted with the companies custom designed graphite shafts which feature a softer tip section to increase carry, and come with a matt black finish to avoid glare.

Each Hybrid club has an RRP of £80, whilst full sets (3-PW) are available for men at an RRP of £560 and for ladies (4-PW) at £490. Partial sets, starting from 5-hybrid or 6-hybrid, are also available with 5-Hybrids costing £350.

Eleven Golf have also launched a set of hybrid wedges in 50, 55 and 60 degrees of loft. Designed with a larger head to help increase forgiveness and maintain high spin across the whole clubface, the wedges feature CNC milled faces, and a versatile sole design. They come with a Tour inspired black finish and are fitted with Eleven designed graphite shafts as standard. Individual wedges have an RRP of £80 with a set of 3 coming in at £210.

To purchase any of the new Eleven Golf Hybrid clubs visit:

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