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Huge benefits from longevity in Lithium batteries & polystyrene-free packaging

Motocaddy, the world’s top-selling golf trolley brand, has addressed important environmental issues both on and off the course by leading the way in a seismic shift towards Lithium only powered trolleys and making all of its packaging ‘polystyrene-free.’

Having pioneered the change to Lithium battery powered trolleys over a decade ago, Lithium batteries now power 100% of Motocaddy trolley sales around the world and all the components on these batteries can be recycled, including the ABS plastic casing, the copper wiring and even the Lithium itself.

“We’re very proud to be industry leaders in the use of Lithium batteries, which has been one of the most significant developments in the golf equipment industry over the last ten years,” said Sales Director, Neil Parker. “There are huge environmental benefits to using Lithium over Lead-Acid batteries. They last five times longer so don’t need to be replaced as regularly and they are also smaller and lighter, so transportation is more efficient which reduces its carbon footprint.

“Lithium also puts less strain on the trolley itself, which not only improves longevity, but due to the reduced weight and increased efficiency, it also requires less electricity to get a trolley around the golf course,” he added.

Along with leading the way in Lithium, Motocaddy has invested heavily in its boxes, with new polystyrene-free packaging being rolled out across the range. Futher enhancing its green credentials, the cardboard used to hold the trolley in place for storage and transportation is 100% recyclable, with the company delivering further environmental savings in every area, from the trolley production process all the way to operating on the course.

“We looked at our brand ethos and how we could be more environmentally friendly in every aspect,” said Neil. “Changing our packaging has been added to the trolley development process, but we begin the environmental savings way before that with 20% of recycled aluminium and plastic being used when producing our trolleys at factory level. In addition, 80% of all trolley components used are also recyclable.

“Once out on the course, the trolleys themselves are increasingly eco-friendly. The unprecedented reliability of our trolleys enables them to last longer than ever and therefore don’t need to be replaced as often. Plus, in the unlikely event of a problem, our trolleys are also easier to repair than ever, which helps lengthen their lifespan,” he added.

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