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With plastic waste causing untold ecological damage, ZOOM gloves has reduced its plastic waste to Zero.

ZOOM gloves, the unique One Size Fits All glove brand, has taken the bold step of reducing its plastic waste to zero in answer to the ecological epidemic that is plaguing the world’s oceans. This is just a few months after sister brand, and Europe’s leading push cart and waterproof bag brand BIG MAX, removed all plastic packaging from its latest products.

“Our oceans are filling up with plastic waste at an alarming rate,” commented Thomas Reiter, owner of ZOOM and BIG MAX. “Up to 13 million tons of plastic waste finds its way into the sea each year, and with 30% of all European plastic usage originating in Germany and Austria, I feel we have a duty to do all we can to reduce consumption. The solution to this plastic flood will require ambitious and binding plans from businesses and governments, but at ZOOM and BIG MAX we have decided that our time to act is now.”

For all future packaging of ZOOM gloves, the brand has replaced traditional foiled packaging with paper and removed the plastic window from the packaging altogether. This has the added advantage of allowing customers to feel the product and have a tactile experience choosing their glove without having to unpack it, but most importantly, it reduces plastic use to zero.”

Reiter concludes, “We know that this is a ‘drop in the ocean’ but if every company and every household took small steps to reduce their consumption of plastic we could make a real impact together. With a collective effort we can make reduced plastic consumption the new normal, and for that, I’m sure nature will thank us!”

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