Golfstream announce record sales following the launch of their new VISION electric golf trolley in 2018.

Golfstream made the soft launch of the all new VISION golf trolley in the second half of 2018 to rave reviews from the trade and consumers alike. The brilliantly simple one touch close and super clear Caddywhite screen caught the attention of all who saw the VISION and this has converted into hard sales.

Speaking last week, Derek Richford Golfstream’s Managing Director said “We are delighted that the VISION has been so well received and that our belief in the new product and what it delivers to consumers has been recognised by trade and consumers alike” he went on to add “We were pleasantly surprised how many people have purchased a colour pack from the range of 5 available to personalise their VISION but the overriding feedback has been about its ease of opening, the screen and how quiet it is to use”.

The success of VISION has been repeated overseas too with new contacts and distributors in South Africa, USA, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark to name a few.

The full launch of VISION kicks in for 2019 with a scorecard holder being launched in next month to complete the accessory line up.

To complement the VISION Golfstream have also launched a new fully automatic square golfing umbrella that offers golfers proper cover for both them and their equipment. The square umbrella measures 175cm tip to tip across the dome and has storm panels to avoid blowing inside out or taking off like Mary Poppins!

The Vision is available from £299 inc VAT excluding battery or £449 with an 18/27 hole Caddycell lithium battery.

Colour packs are available in Yellow, Blue, Green, Red and Teal at £20 inc VAT.

The new Square umbrella is available at £30 including VAT.

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