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BIG MAX is getting ready for the holiday season with the launch of two new travel covers. The BIG MAX Aqua TCS and the BIG MAX Traveller each boast innovative features that make life easier for the travelling golfer and are perfect for a golfing trip whether it’s a short break or a full week away.

The BIG MAX AQUA TCS is a 6-wheel travel cover that combines BIG MAX waterproof technology with the innovative Travel Connection System (TCS). BIG MAX Aqua technology uses 100% waterproof material, waterproof zips and sealed seams to provide an unprecedented level of waterproofing while the brand new Travel Connection System turns 2 pieces of luggage into one! Via a connection system that fits to any wheeled suitcase, the Aqua TCS fixes to the handle of the luggage enabling the travel cover and the suitcase to be pulled as one piece. The Aqua TCS also features EZ-UP loading technology for upright loading and an internal bag fix system to keep clubs safe and secure throughout transit. With additional space from 2 shoe pockets the TCS offers style, storage, protection and practicality that is sure to be a hit amongst frequent travelling golfers.

The BIG MAX TRAVELLER is a 2-wheel travel cover that is perfect for a short trip away. EZ-UP-loading technology allows for upright loading and an internal bag fixing system keep all clubs in their place during travel. Combined with its durable nylon cover, the robust design will endure the inevitable knocks and bumps that occur in transit, keeping all your gear safe and secure on its travels. 2 large storage compartments add to the practicality on offer and complete this perfect travelling companion for a short golfing trip away.

TCS: SRP: £199.99. Available in Black, Black/Lime, Black/Red

Traveller: SRP: £129.99. Available in Black.



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