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BIG MAX, Europe’s most owned push trolley brand, is introducing another its clever innovations that make a round of golf just a little bit easier with the Aqua XL U.V. Umbrella. Whether you’re subjected to torrential rain or the most fierce sun, the Extra Large, Aqua U.V. Umbrella will protect you and your gear from the elements, freeing you up to enjoy your round whatever the weather.

Featuring a 20cm wider than average diameter of 152cm and a handle length extended by 10cm, this unique umbrella is perfect for use with a trolley, giving extra head room when placed in an umbrella holder and extending to cover more of a golfer’s gear. The robust Aqua waterproof fabric is designed to keep out event the wettest weather, and with a clever twist, also has a U.V. protection rating of 50+ so that you can enjoy complete shade from the sun on the hottest of days.

An automatic function, soft grip and umbrella cover add ease of use to the practical protection on offer, and BIG MAX have also made sure the umbrellas look great by matching the colours to the key palettes in its push trolley and golf bag range, making this a fantastic addition for any golfer.

Available in: Black/White, White/Red, White/Lime, Black/Charcoal

SRP: £49.99



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