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OCEAN TEE is extending its product range to include clothing. The first product in the line, which is available to purchase from May 1st, is the Mako polo shirt; named after the endangered Mako shark, the fastest shark in the ocean. Remaining true to OCEAN TEE’s founding principles, the brand’s entry into the golf clothing market combines stylish design and athletic fit with material, performance and processes that conform to the very highest environmental and ethical standards. This makes the Mako polo shirt a fantastic premium product that will have you feeling as good as you look.

Founder of OCEAN TEE, Ed Sandison, uses the brand to showcase how sustainable materials and processes can be used to give golfers the opportunity to buy products that have been made with the environment in mind. By taking this approach he hopes to raise awareness of the damage being done to the planet and to encourage more businesses to use the same fabrics and processes that he has identified.

The Mako polo shirt which comes in two colourways, is made from Organic Cotton mixed with a completely new, biodegradable, elastane called ROICA Eco-Smart. OCEAN Tee is the first company to use this ground-breaking environmentally friendly fabric in the golf industry, which delivers exceptional movement and breathability. At the end of its usefulness the Mako polo shirt can be recycled or the constituent fibres will naturally breakdown overtime. It has therefore achieved a series of certifications, detailed below, that recognise it as a Cradle to Cradle product meaning it returns to the ground safely, becoming part of our eco-system.

After the success of the OCEAN TEE bamboo tee products, Ed decided to make Fashion his next target because the impact of the industry on the environment is less well understood. He explains: “From the way that crops are grown to the space discarded garments take up in landfill, fashion is creating untold damage on the environment. But a lot of it isn’t visible. For instance, when garments made from synthetic fabrics, such as polyester and nylon are washed they release plastic microfibres that ultimately end up being washed into our rivers and oceans. In fact, it is estimated that 35% of all microplastics entering the ocean come from synthetic textile waste. We don’t want people to stop shopping, but just like with our tees we want to offer people a sustainable alternative without compromising on performance.”

Another unique element to the product development strategy for OCEAN TEE is that each new addition to the apparel range will have a different sustainable story. Ed wants to shine a light on new techniques, new fabrics and innovative processes as they are being developed to help these entrepreneurial businesses break into the market. He concludes, “There are so many incredible developments being made by people who are driven by the same passion I have for protecting people and the planet. If we can help them attract interest from bigger companies who want to offer sustainable garment lines, then I will be delighted. The Mako is just the beginning for us.”

The Mako polo shirt is available to purchase online at for just £59.99. And, when your parcel arrives, you’ll be impressed to see that every single element of the packaging is sustainably sourced using remarkable, recycled materials. Finally, when you wear the Mako remember that 25% of the corporate profit resulting from your purchase will be donated by OCEAN TEE to charities that are focused on tackling plastic pollution and promoting the health of marine environments, as well as charities focused on promoting sustainability in golf.

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