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SkyCaddie’s laser & GPS ‘Amnesty’ launches today

SkyCaddie’s ‘Amnesty’, which runs from today until July 31st , enables UK golfers to de-clutter their garages and upgrade their kit while paying a reduced price for one of SkyCaddie’s award-winning 2020 rangefinders.

The Amnesty enables golfers to save £50 on a new SkyCaddie, if they trade in any GPS or laser rangefinder at the same time.

“Before July 31st we suggest that you dig around in your golf bag, your garage or your loft, and find that old laser or GPS which you no longer want to use” said SkyCaddie’s James Holmes. “And then just bring it into your PGA pro. We are talking any brand, dead or alive – it can even be completely broken!

“If you’re one of the thousands of golfers frustrated by laser blind spots, or by the inaccurate maps offered by other GPS brands, this is the best time to upgrade your rangefinder and make a great saving on one of our brilliant new SkyCaddies.”

The £50 Amnesty discount applies this month only to SkyCaddie’s just-launched LX5 GPS Smart Watch, the compact SkyCaddie SX400 4” handheld, and the Tour-preferred SkyCaddie SX500 5” handheld.

Holmes is confident that the latest wave of SkyCaddies have revolutionised what golfers can expect from a rangefinder. “All of our three 2020 models have won Editor’s Choice awards in their respective categories, and we are now the acknowledged Tour-proven GPS standard in the sport” he said. “Ever since Staysure Tour golfers started using the SX500 in tournament play – with four of 2019’s top six finishers on the Order Of Merit using a SkyCaddie – serious golfers have been adding SkyCaddie GPS to their shot-saving arsenal.”

Because of the Amnesty, golfers who are fed up with being laser-blind behind trees and on uphill shots can bring their laser in, upgrade to a SkyCaddie, save £50 and enjoy complete coverage on every course they play.

And golfers who regret buying another brand of GPS which never even gets basic yardages right can trade it in, upgrade to a SkyCaddie, save £50 and rejoice in a new world of exclusive, ground-mapped, frequently-updated yardages to every blade of grass and significant hazard on the golf course – including SkyCaddie’s essential IntelliGreen Pro screen which gives them a comprehensive picture of the green ahead.

If you like a handheld rangefinder, the choice is between the dazzling 5” HD screen of the SkyCaddie SX500 (RRP £379.95), now in use by dozens of Tour professionals on the Staysure Tour (formerly European Senior Tour), and the more compact 4” HD screen of the SkyCaddie SX400 (£299.95), selected for the Editor’s Choice award by both Today’s Golfer and Golf Monthly in spring 2020.

And if you like wearable technology, the brand-new SkyCaddie LX5 GPS Smart Watch (RRP £299.95) has golf’s largest wrist-mounted colour HD touch screen, packed with exclusive SkyCaddie features including IntelliGreen Pro and Dynamic HoleVue.

The LX5 won Editor’s Choice in the GPS Watches category in Golf Monthly’s annual product awards in spring 2020.

All SkyCaddie products are backed with an accuracy promise which only SkyCaddie can offer – all 35,000+ global golf course maps are created and updated on foot, with professional course mappers using surveying-quality equipment. That includes over 300 updates per year for golf courses in the UK and Ireland alone.

Each such SkyCaddie update instantly outdates all other GPS brands as regards accuracy.

For information about the SkyCaddie’s 2020 range please visit

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