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British Golf Show doubles in size, moves to May 2021

The second British Golf Show has been re-scheduled for 14-15 May 2021, and will double in size to become the largest exhibition to date in the organisers’ eight-year history.

The 2020 event’s originally-scheduled date of May was switched to early October when the pandemic hit, but a lack of clarity as to what will / will not be permitted as regards public gatherings next month has left exhibition organisers The Elite Luxury Events with no choice but to postpone.

As the British Golf Show’s exhibition space was already fully-sold for the 2020 event, the 2021 British Golf Show will now take place across two Golf Halls at Wycombe Air Park to allow for extra exhibitors and public attractions.

Extra capacity at Wycombe Air Park has been secured to make the expansion possible.

As originally planned the 2021 British Golf Show will take place alongside the long-running The Elite London luxury lifestyle exhibition, which also switches to the May 2021 dates.

All current golf exhibitors have been personally contacted, and the Elite sales team are now taking bookings for the enlarged 2021 event.

“With ongoing uncertainty about COVID-19, there simply isn’t time now for our exhibitors to prepare for a golf show in early October” said Alex Ayling, Managing Director of The Elite Luxury Events.

“This gives us more time to build additional attractions into the event, and to make it an unforgettable day out for anyone with a love of golf. The sport of golf has by and large welcomed our initiative and we have appreciated everybody’s support during this most challenging of all years.

“We will now turn our focus to staging our largest-ever event in May 2021”

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