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75,000 view Bad Golf at Berkhamsted

When comedians John Robins and Alex Horne brought their famously bad golf games to Berkhamsted Golf Club, a record number of viewers tuned in to watch.

Over 75,000 people have so far watched the two Berkhamsted episodes on the duo’s Bad Golf channel on YouTube – the highest audience since the channel began in 2019.

“We found Berkhamsted to be so different from other courses, and it was a fantastic surprise to find such an original experience so close to London” said Robins.

“At Berkhamsted, improvisation is the key. You need touch, feel and a great short game, none of which we possess.”

Having chosen Berkhamsted as the venue for their first video since this season’s lockdown, Robins and particularly Horne were slightly rusty when they played there, with Robins just pipping by Horne by 17 shots with a 96 versus his opponent’s 113.

“Berkhamsted was beautiful and they gave us a lovely welcome” said Robins. “The challenge around the greens is particularly extraordinary, you need every shot in the bag. You definitely don’t need to just hit driver all the time – you need to think your way around more than on most other courses.”

The two friends decided to start Bad Golf after realising they shared a love of golf, albeit of the fairly unskilled variety.

“Alex and I like looking at golf channels, but we never felt they were aimed at people quite as bad as us” said Robins, who fits co-hosting duties on a weekly BBC Radio Five Live radio show with fellow comedian Elis James in with his comedy commitments.

The 38 year-old comedian, radio broadcaster, podcaster and now YouTuber has won awards for his annual comedy shows at the Edinburgh Festival, and is an experienced voiceover artist.

42 year-old Alex Horne created the BAFTA award-winning comedy panel show Taskmaster, which he co-hosts with comedian Greg Davies. In 2018 Horne also co-hosted the USA version of the show. He made his TV debut on Countdown, winning three times.

“It’s more entertaining watching people who are bad at golf” said Horne, “but we are trying to get better.”

Search ‘Bad Golf’ on YouTube to see their monthly videos and challenges.

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