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Introducing The Caddyboo Golf Towel

I love to play golf and for as long as I have there’s always been one universal problem... clean balls! I normally find myself on the putting surface marking my ball, then look at it and inspect for dirt. Here lies the dilemma that every golfer has faced, you see dirt. There’s a few options... wiping the ball down your trousers or the old ‘lick and wipe’ technique has always been a firm favourite, but with chemicals and God knows what on the greens and the fond memory of the sign by the first tee at Woodcote Park GC that read “don’t lick your balls” from my junior days, etched in my brain, these options are best left in the past.

Do I leave the putting surface with ball in hand and wander back to my bag/trolley and use the towel? But, that’s 40 yards away and I’m to putt first! Or do I just casually throw the ball to my caddy and let him clean it and throw it back? Now, I have never had a caddy in my life and let’s face it, you most likely don’t either. At last I have another option and one that isn’t going to cost me 10% of my winnings from the Saturday swindle with the lads.

Caddyboo is here to help save the day with a convenient handy size wallet that fits neatly in your pocket. It contains a small microfibre towel and brush – no longer will I be frantically scraping with my finger nail trying in vain to remove a mark. This innovation is brilliantly designed and super handy, just wet the microfibre towel, squeeze out the excess water and away you go. The wetness remains inside the wallet and is on hand for every time you need it, along with a handy little brush that’s fused with the wallet for the most stubborn of ground in dirt. It even has a magnetic section to attach your ball marker.

If only it carried my golfbag! A ‘must’ purchase accessory.

RRP £27, on offer at £18.92

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