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-Sensor owners provided with in-depth understanding of devices & data parameters -

CAPTO Golf, the pioneering putting analysis system, has introduced online learning courses to help golfers understand the functions and data parameters of its advanced putting sensors and how they can improve putting performance.

The EZ eLearning course is available free of charge through the CAPTO website and covers everything a golfer needs to know from setting up the device, connecting the sensor to the app and interpreting the data during indoor and outdoor use.

Taking about an hour-and-a-half to complete, the EZ course includes a series of videos hosted by Jochem Burghouts, a PGA Class AAA qualified Teaching Professional and the eLearning director and online CAPTO Coach for users worldwide.

“For club golfers who use CAPTO themselves, the level of data can be overwhelming. But in taking the course, they get to understand what the numbers mean and what’s needed to improve quickly, “ said Burghouts. “I’ve been part of the CAPTO team since 2017 and believe no other putting technology comes close to providing the level of data and analytics that the system offers. The eLearning course is a perfect way to obtain knowledge about the fundamental parameters needed to build a solid putting game, “ he added.

For any serious golfer or specialised putting coach looking to improve their putting or that of clients, CAPTO also offers a dedicated GEN 2 online course following the same blueprint as its EZ counterpart. Also available for free through the CAPTO website, the GEN 2 course provides further details on the added data parameters available on the premium sensor, along with covering the same basic messaging found through the EZ course.

“We offer the free online courses because we want golfers who purchase our products to feel like we’re here to help them improve their putting throughout the year and not just at the time of buying and that’s whether they’re practising at home, on the putting green or out on the course,” said Francesca Ceccaroni, CEO of CAPTO Golf.

“The feedback from the online courses has been really positive and we’re happy to play a part in improving putting for many golfers,” she added.

The advanced GEN 2 model features state-of-the-art design and is built for elite players looking to enhance both knowledge and skills. Incredibly easy to set up and use, it’s equipped with nine measurement sensors and five calibration sensors to provide highly accurate feedback on over 30 key parameters through the live Biofeedback display monitor.

The EZ sensor detects and quantifies the most important parameters to take the putting stroke to the next level. Portable, drop resistant and lightweight, it incorporates a live instant feedback display to help develop putting theory and stroke mechanics in unison.


Compatible with any IOS or Android device, a quick lock shaft coupling ensures the sensors fit on all putters. The entry-level EZ model has an RPP of £494, while the more sophisticated CAPTO GEN 2 is available at an RRP of £2,040.

For more information about the CAPTO eLearning courses and the CAPTO putting sensors visit


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