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The Clean Flight personal ball washer provides a hygienic, convenient, personal solution to keeping your golf ball clean on the course. With communal washers just returning to tee boxes after being highlighted as a potential hotspot for germs, Clean Flight gives golfers a simple, safe alternative, while providing the convenience of having a ball washer with you whether on the tee, on the green, or when playing preferred lies.

“It really was a product born out of the Covid pandemic, as courses all over the world were removing communal ball washers,” explains founder of Clean Flight Golf, Peter Bohlender. “That drove our initial sales, but since ball washers have returned to tee boxes, we’ve seen our sales continue to grow in the North American market. Our experience has shown that people prefer not having to share a washer with every golfer on the course. But more importantly they enjoy the convenience having their own unit, available to use whenever the rules allow, and filled with fresh water and our cleaning solution that delivers a clean ball every time.”

The Clean Flight personal ball washer is made of high impact polystyrene and stainless steel hardware for strength and durability. It features a patent pending variable brush system that oscillates the ball inside the unit while cleaning, delivering a clean ball every use. Simply open the unit, place the ball in the top and plunge the ball as with any on-course washer. Included with each ball washer is a hard wearing strap with carabiner for attaching to the side of a golf bag and a 30ml bottle of cleaning solution, a few drops of which is enough for a full round.

“For every time you can’t find a ball washer on the tee, or when you’re faced with licking your thumb and rubbing dirt off your ball on the green; Clean Flight has a clean, hygienic and convenient solution. And with preferred lies just round the corner Clean Flight will provide much needed relief on the fairway when your drive comes down covered in mud,” concludes Peter. “We all know that a clean ball gives better contact, carries further, flies straighter and rolls more consistently on the green, that’s why we clean them. Clean Flight lets you claim that advantage in the most hygienic and convenient way, wherever the rules allow.”

Clean Flight Golf personal ball washers are available from priced at £35.

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