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England Golf form #TogetherInGolf Network

England Golf are delighted to announce a newly formed #TogetherInGolf Network group.

With the national governing body’s commitment to providing a more inclusive sport, the creation of its #TogetherInGolf Network will enable the organisation to listen to voices from underrepresented groups to positively affect everyone’s experiences of golf in the future.

After an initial introductory meeting in 2023, the group, made up of 18 members, came together for a second focus session at the weekend, to share and feed back on challenges they have experienced, whilst also championing best practice.

The network includes a variety of demographics including; women, men, people with a disability, LGBTQ+, diverse ethnic backgrounds, lower SES groups, and ages ranging from 20 to over 65. The network represents people from all across England, and there is a mix of golf club members and non-members

England Golf Lead Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Michelle McGill, said: “The creation of our network will enable us to consult and understand underrepresented voices within our sport, who have had a wide range of experiences within the game. These voices will provide valuable insight into real-life experiences, giving us greater understanding and therefore enabling us to action important changes where necessary and helping us to continue to progress and grow the game.”

One of the network’s members, Simbayi Makoni, from Luton, said: “I am proud to be a member of the network because it is allowing me to actively contribute towards the development of the sport within and beyond my community. The network plays a role in ensuring that all members of our society are offered an equal opportunity to participate, at all levels of the sport.”

Asif Memon, from Epsom, explained: “By making golf more diverse and inclusive, the sport will be a true ‘representative’ of the world around us and be a platform for unlocking the best of the human spirit. This is a unique platform where I can bring a voice to make golf more diverse and inclusive, and coming from a very multi-cultural background myself, this network gives me the opportunity to add value and help shape golf in England for the better for future generations.”

Philip Burke, from Birmingham, admitted: “The network provides a great opportunity for ordinary golfers to influence, by virtue of their own experiences, the future actions of England Golf. I’m proud to be a member of such a diverse, energetic and committed team who are all striving to make the experience of playing golf better for everyone.”

As a result of working with the members of the network, England Golf aim to create more evidence-based decisions about proposed changes, which will allow members to have their say and influence the game.

McGill added: “Having launched our Respect in Golf movement last year, we are committed to making golf a sport for all, where everyone feels welcomed into the game, without fear of discrimination. And this is yet another arm of the important work we are doing to ensure that our game caters for everyone.”


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