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England Golf is delighted to announce a collaboration with The Golf Trust that will create enhanced opportunities for those with disabilities to be introduced to golf.


England Golf prides itself on ensuring the sport is accessible to everyone and anyone, no matter whether they are an experienced pro or a first-time novice. This collaboration with The Golf Trust, a national charity that provides multiple opportunities for disabled people to get into the game, creates a synergy to ensure that the sport is as inclusive as possible allowing people of all backgrounds to enjoy the physical, social and mental health benefits of the sport.


England Golf and The Golf Trust have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to emphasise both parties' commitment to providing more opportunities for people with a disability. Through enhanced signposting of The Golf Trust’s events and referral services, it is the aim that this collaboration will ensure disabled people will be able to access the sport and identify locations in communities across the country who are able to deliver golf to people with disabilities.


The Golf Trust was set up to bring people together through golf. Their work has brought the benefits of golf to thousands of people and helped to make golf an accessible sport for all, harnessing the power of the game as a driver for social mobility and change. Both England Golf and The Golf Trust have shared beliefs that the sport has the power to bring together homes, families and communities.


Whether an experienced golfer or someone looking to try the sport for the first time, interested parties can visit The Golf Trust website for specialised referral to local courses and dedicated activities for disabled people of all ages. This agreement will allow England Golf to support the charity with the delivery of national initiatives and activities, expanding the reach of golf into new communities.


Speaking on the collaboration, Rob Drinkwater, Head of Participation and Development at England Golf, said: “England Golf is excited to be formally working alongside The Golf Trust to provide more opportunities for people with a disability to get involved in golf. The work they do in supporting people to have the opportunity to access and experience golf is a vital part of developing a strong pathway of opportunities. By working together, we know we have the ability to empower and inspire people in communities across the country, as well as ensuring everyone has the ability to enjoy the many benefits of the sport.”


Cae Menai-Davis, founder of The Golf Trust said: “Access to golf is often the biggest barrier to participation, particularly for people with disabilities. Through our network of venues and partner organisations, we are able to identify the right places for people to get involved in the sport. Having a great experience the first time you play is an essential part of the process for anyone. We hope that this new agreement with England Golf will ensure that more disabled people will be connected to the people and places who know how to best cater for their specific needs.”


This work feeds into England Golf’s overarching Respect in Golf movement, to inspire, promote and create greater understanding and embracement of equality, diversity and inclusion within the sport. The movement is designed to bring people into golf from all ages, genders, abilities and backgrounds.


To find out more about The Golf Trust visit, to find out more about England Golf’s Respect In Golf initiative visit


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