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Golf GameBook: The Clubhouse In Your Pocket

If you and your mates enjoy sharing all the nitty-gritty details of your rounds at the clubhouse or find yourselves wondering how your mid-round scores stack up against friends in the group ahead or even in a game happening elsewhere, then Golf GameBook might just be the missing piece in your life!

Golf GameBook is like your virtual clubhouse rolled into one handy package. It's a smartphone app that acts as a digital scorecard, GPS unit, stats tracker, real-time leaderboard, and social media platform - all in one place.

Golf GameBook has been on a mission to make golf more fun, easy, and simple for nearly 15 years. But over the last decade, the app has grown into a global phenomenon, now with over 1.5 million registered users across more than 100 countries!

Golf Is At Its Best With Friends

With its focus on personal interaction and sharing scores, Golf GameBook is all about adding more fun to the golfing experience, whether it's a corporate day, a society outing, or just a regular Saturday round with friends. It serves as a hub for pre- and post-match conversations and even allows you to host competitions for up to 72 players using the Golf GameBook app.

And what makes scoring so easy? All you've got to do is enter your scores, and Golf GameBook takes care of the rest! It calculates all the points and scores depending on the game format, gives you hole-by-hole updates, and even sets up a live leaderboard so you – and even all your friends who are not playing with you that day – will know if you need to sink in that last birdie to stand on the podium.

Golf GameBook can also help you improve your golf game. With its GPS feature, you get hole overviews and precise yardages to every corner of the course no matter where you're teeing off in the world. It provides you all the info you need to plan your shots and take on each hole like a pro!

While the basic Golf GameBook app is free to use, by becoming a Gold member lets you take your experience to the next level. For just £39.99 a year – less than the monthly cost for a cup of coffee – you unlock a ton of cool features that truly enhance your game. Plus, you can try it out for free for 30 days!

Download Golf GameBook from the Apple Store or Google Play


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