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Making products perform better for longer is the key to a sustainable future, which is why golfclubs4cash is launching its Golf Maintenance Month. Europe’s biggest supplier of secondhand golf equipment is encouraging golfers to reduce the number of new items they purchase this season by ensuring that the ones they have are in top notch condition.

“General wear and tear can really affect the performance of a golf club,” explains Dean Cracknell, Head of Marketing at golfclubs4cash. “So many elements could be affecting your game from the lie and loft through to the cleanliness of your clubs themselves. We are going to share some simple fixes to the most common issues we see in our workshops, as well offering some basic tips on how to maintain your clubs to avoid costly purchases and sending more clubs to landfill.”

Through April, at both its Edinburgh and Warrington stores golfclubs4cash will be offering golf equipment MOTs, regripping, shortening and extending of shafts, as well as loft and lie adjustments and shaft adaptor changes. And, on social media, the team will be sharing their advice about how to best clean, store and protect your equipment during the season.

“We realised that since the pandemic there has been little opportunity for golfers to learn basic club maintenance,” Dean continues “Most of the newcomers will be playing inherited golf clubs, and even the returners are using old golf clubs which need a little TLC to get them match fit. We don’t want these golfers to think that they need to buy new golf clubs to improve, so we’re encouraging everyone to come in store for an MOT before making any big decisions about their game. With a few small adjustments we may be able to fix that slice, hook, or short drive.”

For expert tips and advice about Golf Maintenance follow @golfclubs4cash, visit us online or pop in store to access our free MOT advice and access special instore offers including a 14-grip deal starting at £79.00. No appointment required.


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