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Have you got £25,000 for this incredible collection of Scottys?!

Do you love Scotty Cameron and the Masters and have very deep pockets? Then this super-rare collection of Scotty Cameron Masters limited edition putters could well be for you!

Hand crafted annually these putters are only available to Patrons of the Masters through the on-site merchandise store, or through VIP hospitality. With limited runs ranging from 500 to just 150, and featuring unique designs with special edition head covers, these are seriously rare. And in an almost unprecedented lot, Europe’s biggest dealer of second hand golf clubs, Golf Clubs 4 Cash has acquired an incredible collection of 9 putters that span the years 2013-2021.

Presented in limited edition boxes, with certificates of authenticity, this really is a trip through some of Scotty’s most iconic designs, all with a Masters twist. The collection starts with the first ever Masters edition produced in 2013, perhaps the most iconic Masters putter of them all – Tiger’s favourite, Newport 2.

The Newport features four more times with the Newport 2 Notchback (2014), Newport (2015,2017), and Newport 2.5 (2016). The Laguna (2018) and Flowback 5.5 (2020, 2021) complete the collection, making this a line up of some of the most iconic putters on the planet.

Priced at a penny under £25,000 this is a collection for the serious enthusiast, but even for the most casual observer, it’s easy to see why these beautiful and incredible rare putters command such a premium price tag.


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