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Leading coach Daniel Grieve releases first short game book

3 Releases: The Short Game System now available to purchase online

Host of the UK’s most attended short game school, Daniel Grieve has released an all-encompassing new book, designed to simplify the short game and create clarity of thought around the greens. The much-anticipated book is now available to buy online from today.

3 Releases: Short Game System, allows golfers to easily to vary setup, ball flights, and spin rates to give them a greater collection of shots to use around the green.

Officially released on Amazon, the 3 Releases: Short Game System transforms technique and thinking around the greens with the dual goals of improving short game performance and increasing enjoyment from the game. After detailing the 3 Releases, the book progresses onto topics such as playing from awkward lies, understanding your equipment’s capabilities, and how to practice with intention - thereby increasing golfers’ rate of improvement.

“I’m thrilled the book is now out and available for golfers to get their teeth into,” commented Grieve. “Golfers have been playing these shots for centuries, I have just packaged it within a system which I know amateur golfers find very useful and provides much needed clarity. With a better technical understanding as well as increased golf IQ, there is no limit to how much any golfer can improve on this area of the game.”

Short game specialist Grieve is head professional at the internationally renowned Woburn Golf Club, home of the European Tour's British Masters for many years and 10-time venue for the Women's Open Championship. Besides coaching amateur golfers from far and wide on a one-to-one basis, Dan delivers the most attended short game school in the U.K. Besides coaching amateur golfers far and wide, he has helped dozens of Tour Players to dozens of wins - including Georgia Hall’s victory at the 2018 Women’s Open Championship.

To purchase Three Releases: Short Game System from Amazon, follow this link:


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