top of page website ‘accelerates efforts’ to increase female participation, the empowering group coaching experience for women, today launches a new website to accelerate its mission to appeal to the untapped potential in female golf participation.

The website portrays the diverse nature of participants with an array of new images, videos and customer stories, plus additional features such as health and wellness content, all designed to enhance and deepen the sense of community amongst love.golfers.

New and existing golfers can also search for their nearest coach and register for upcoming events and get-togethers., supported by Syngenta, is a group golf programme exclusively for women, replacing traditional instruction with the freedom to explore new skills, discover untapped potential and bond with a supportive group of like-minded women.

Coach ‘Superstars’ coaches feature prominently as part of the new design. Each licensed coach has a dedicated profile page for prospective customers to learn who they are, where they are and book experiences directly with them.

Commenting on the launch of the site Head Coach and Founder of, Alastair Spink, said: “We’re incredibly proud to showcase and celebrate the growing community of participants and coaches.

“Evidence suggests more and more women are looking for a golf experience in light of the pandemic, and added to the latent demand that already exists, this is the ideal time to accelerate our efforts.

Hannah Crump, a coach at Stonebridge Golf Club, said: “The new website is a true celebration of diversity, community and sense of belonging.

“It provides a clear, simple and easy pathway into the game for women looking for a new experience, and I’m excited to welcome more newcomers to my club.”

Group coaching should be ‘on everyone’s radar’

The recent 2020 GB&I Golf Participation Report highlighted significant participation increases across all forms of the game, and while this is encouraging news for the industry, Spink highlights the need to capture this demand while it exists.

“Demand has spiked which has led to a lot of coaches being inundated with requests, particularly for individual lessons. While that is encouraging and good for business (in the short term), there is unfulfilled demand out there.

“As we come into the colder months, group coaching should be on everyone’s radar to meet the increased demand and introduce newcomers to the game in a sustainable way.”

Going live

You can view the new website today by visiting


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