Mental Markers

were designed by PGA Professional and Chartered and Accredited Sports Psychologist Gareth Shaw, and Tour sports psychologist Dr. Paul McCarthy who is Director of the taught Doctorate in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University. With a positive thought on one side and a coaching tip on the other, mental markers ensure that final thought is focused and positive to get you holing more putts. Both sides also have an alignment line to help with set up and the intended direction of your putt.

Made from High quality Brass, these beautifully engraved and finished 32mm ball markers offer 5 different combinations. Trust your Line / Listen for the Drop; Make it Count / Train it, Trust it; Dig Deep / Putt to the Hole; Back & Through / Breathe Out and Relax; Right Here, Right Now / Grip, Posture, Align, Stroke. Whatever your personal putting demon Mental Markers will keep you in line!

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