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New Shot Scope user dashboard to help golfers improve by understanding and managing their data

Shot Scope, the industry-leader in advanced GPS and automatic shot tracking technology, showcase their continual investment into the user experience, with an updated, efficient, and visually impressive dashboard.

The Shot Scope online user dashboard is an interactive space for golfers to manage their data – whether this be post round editing of your round or a mid-week analysis of your game. The Scottish based team have recently announced further additions to the dashboard, to help create an impressive area for golfers to store all their performance information.

The dashboard is a great tool for anyone seeking more clarity on where to make changes in their game and can be used in varying capacities.

Gavin Dear, CCO of Shot Scope, said: “Creating a dashboard that is user friendly and visually appealing is something we always strive to achieve. The online dashboard is great when used in conjunction with the mobile app, as users can get a broader understanding of different areas of their game. We always look to provide a platform where users can interact with their data in whichever way they feel most comfortable.”

The dashboard can be viewed on a larger screen, making some of the data easier to navigate and analyse in more detail. This includes post-round editing, with the enlarged screen creating a simple and easy way to view and enter data from your round.

The filtering system allows golfers to process their data in an efficient manner that suits their needs. You can filter statistics by club, yardage, round, year and more – a thorough way to generate a wealth of information across multiple categories.

A fantastic addition to the dashboard is the strokes gained feature, allowing golfers to access a plethora of statistics on all areas of their game. When working your way through the different categories, users can compare an overview of performance within each, with the strokes gained data working in tandem to offer an increased depth of knowledge.

With a sleek look and impressive functionality, the exclusive user dashboard is host to all the data any golfer should need to fully immerse themselves in learning about how to improve their game.


Shot Scope Technologies was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. The team consists of technology experts, golfers, and a former Walker Cup player with a goal of improving the way golfers collect and analyse statistics about their game. Using Shot Scope's Performance Tracking devices, the average golfer improves their handicap by 4.1 shots. Shot Scope designs and manufactures a range of GPS products, rangefinders and software apps that have collected over 180 million shots – of which have been used by hundreds of thousands of golfers worldwide.


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