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New SkyCaddie LX2 GPS Smart Watch has unbeatable sunlight readability

SkyCaddie’s new wearable technology, the LX2 GPS Smart Watch, is the simplest, most powerful way to measure yardages on a golf course.

Available now, the LX2 comes with SkyCaddie’s no-annual-fees Go Play plan and is pre-loaded with over 35,000 ground-verified, error-corrected SkyCaddie maps.

The LX2 gives you highly accurate distances to the Front, Centre and Back of every green, using the same golf course data as all other SkyCaddies including the range-topping SX550, SX400 handhelds and LX5 Smart Watch models.

“The new LX2 GPS Smart Watch is the most affordable way to access our exclusive and unrivalled ground-mapped golf course information” said James Holmes, SkyCaddie’s General Manager UK & Europe.

“It is sleek, stylish, and comfortable to wear both on and off the course, but the new LX2’s most impressive aspect is the ‘Always-On’ JDI 1.28 inch touchscreen display which allows you to see the screen crisply and clearly even in the brightest sunlight.

“Using the same next-generation technology as our award-winning SX family of rangefinders, the new LX2 weighs merely 57g but delivers all the information you need to trust your yardage and play your best golf.”

Among the SkyCaddie LX2’s host of leading features are:

Incredible sunlight-readable ‘Always On’ 1.28” JDI Colour Touch Screen providing all-conditions visibility unmatched by any other golf GPS watch even in the brightest sunlight!

Over 35,000 exclusive ground-verified SkyCaddie course maps pre-loaded and updated annually with your no-fees Go Play membership;

Dynamic Front-Centre-Back Yardages and golf’s fastest distance information from your angle of approach, displayed in large easy-to-read numbers, powered by SkyCaddie’s patented IntelliGreen® technology;

Intelligent Automation gives “no-touch” power from car park to 19th hole, with Auto-Course, Auto-Hole, Auto-Distance and Auto-Green-Depth giving you completely intuitive, context-sensitive yardage information every time you look at your wrist!

Super-lightweight stylish Smart Watch design with handsome looks ensuring that your LX2 looks good and feels great on your wrist both on and off the golf course;

Powerful Li-Polymer battery giving up to two rounds of golf on a single charge, meaning you can wear your LX2 for a full day’s golf without worries over battery power;

Target List View displaying yardages to Fairway Target and Layup zones;

Mark Ball & Shot Distance enabling you to measure how far you hit each club – including well-struck tee shots and iron shots with full confidence in your yardages!

Watch & Fitness features including Time, Alarm, Stopwatch, Step Count, Step Goal and Step Distance;

Bluetooth® 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n for fast data connections;

Ultra-fast Multi-Core Processor and Multi-Constellation GNSS Receiver for rapid and stable GPS satellite acquisition;

Water-Resistant Design up to 3 ATM for confident play in the wettest of conditions;

Magnetic Charger with Cable for fuss-free rapid recharging when your clubs are back in the garage.

The SkyCaddie LX2 GPS Smart Watch is also upgradeable with a nominally-priced membership to add a host of additional features found in SkyCaddie’s LX5/LX5C watches and world-beating SX series rangefinders including:

Dynamic HoleVue® with Zoom giving enhanced viewing features for every hole;

Dynamic RangeVue® overlaying multiple on-screen yardage arcs for better club selection;

IntelliGreen® Technology giving additional green and contour distance information;

Full Target List displaying yardages to all key hazards from your angle of approach;

PinPoint® Technology giving distances to today’s flags from pin-sheet information;

Digital Scoring stored in your personal SkyGolf 360 cloud space, giving you score-as-you-play and trackable stats such as Total Score, Total Putts, Fairway Hit / Miss, Greens In Regulation, Pace Of Play and more. Analyse your strengths, weaknesses and trends post-round, all powered by your SkyCaddie LX2;

The SkyCaddie LX2 GPS Smart Watch retails for £199.99 with No Annual Fees required.

You can select the Go Play plan with no annual fees or upgrade for a nominal fee to receive SkyCaddie’s full target list, IntelliGreen®, HoleVue® and SkyGolf 360.

All upgradeable features require a nominally priced membership. Visit for details of all products, and SkyGolf 360 membership plans.

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