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-Claw 2.0 & SS2R putter grips introduced to popular range offering distinctive colourways-

SuperStroke, the brand seen most prominently on tournament greens, is now offering two new putter grip styles and more vibrant colourways on its popular Zenergy line at a time in the season when golfers look to upgrade or refresh their equipment.

The latest models – Claw 2.0 and SS2R – join the extensive Zenergy collection launched earlier this year to offer golfers a choice from as many as 18 premium putter grips in up to eight standout colour combinations to suit different putting strokes and aesthetic tastes.

“We’re thrilled to be supplying golfers with even more leading SuperStroke designs to choose from as they’re likely to consider re-gripping their putters over the winter months,” said Nigel Freemantle, Managing Director of Brand Fusion International, the main distributor of the brand outside the U.S. “The putter is one of the most used clubs during a round accounting for 30-40% of shots, so it’s important that golfers feel comfortable with their flat stick and we’re confident these new grips and colourways deliver on that front,” he added.

The Claw 2.0 grip features a graduated design with a pistol-style top that transitions to a square shape to deliver greater comfort and stability Weighing 63 grams, its three flat sides increase the surface area for those golfers who prefer to adopt a claw-style grip on the greens. Available in the White/Red and White/Black colours.

The SS2R grip incorporates a strategically engineered design with a 1” square profile for players who prefer opposing hand placement during the putting stroke. Heavier than most SuperStroke putter grips at 109 grams, the SS2R delivers additional back-weighting and is a style that pairs up well with heavier putter heads. It comes in a White/Black colour option.

Some of the most vibrant new colourways include the Orange/Blue/White option that is now available on the the popular Pistol GT 1.0 grip and five other models; a striking White/Red colour combination on ten grips; plus the bold Blue/White and Purple/White options for those looking to make a statement on the greens.

All Zenergy grips incorporate a multi-layer construction featuring a soft, tacky outer layer and a firm rubber inner core for enhanced grip, stability and feedback. Improved accuracy is achieved using Spyne+ Technology that features an embossed ridge along the underside of the grip to make it easier to square the face at impact.

To enhance feel, Multi-Zone Texturing provides strategically placed textures in high sensory areas to optimise feedback and comfort from the soft polyurethane outer layer, while the patented No Taper Technology ensures a minimal and even grip pressure is applied with an advanced parallel design that ensures both hands stay quiet for added consistency.

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