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We're All Golfers - England Golf launches inspiring video series to champion inclusivity

England Golf is proud to launch a video series championing inspiring stories of golfers to promote inclusivity within the sport.

‘We’re All Golfers’ encompasses the physical, social and mental health benefits the sport brings to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. The series is aimed to inspire participation but also highlight the shared love of the game that brings people together across the country to play all forms of the game.

The hero video, emphasises that the game of golf is for everyone and reflects that the sport is not about individual success in terms of your score, but the sport’s ability to bring people from all walks of life together to enjoy playing the game.

In the coming weeks, England Golf will be releasing a three-part series championing individual stories of how players from across the country adapt the sport to suit their needs so they can enjoy the benefits golf brings. The purpose is to inspire more players of all backgrounds to get involved with golf and feel the physical, social and mental health benefits of participating, in whichever form of the game they may choose.

England Golf prides itself in ensuring the sport is accessible to everyone and anyone, no matter whether they are an experienced pro or a first-time novice. Through the England Golf Championships, the national governing body is committed to running competitions for all golfers, including the upcoming English Open for Golfers with a Disability in June, a perfect showcase of the skill, excitement and inclusivity of golf.

England Golf Communications & Data Director, Ben White, said: “We’re All Golfers provides us with the unique opportunity to champion and showcase some of the previously unheralded stories of golfers from across the country. In particular it has been inspiring and a privilege to be able to work with individuals who have come from a wide range of backgrounds and personal circumstances to reap the various benefits golf has to offer.

“This campaign highlights the dedicated work England Golf is leading on to ensure that golf is a sport for everybody no matter your age, gender, ability or background. I hope the We’re All Golfers series inspires people from across the country to come and give golf a try if they haven’t before. With so many ways to play, we are ensuring it is accessible and enjoyable for everyone.”

We’re All Golfers feeds into England Golf’s overarching Respect in Golf movement, to inspire, promote and create greater understanding and embracement of equality, diversity and inclusion within the sport. The movement is designed to bring people into golf from all ages, genders, abilities and backgrounds.


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