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Wilson has launched a new range of its Launch Pad super game-improvement golf clubs with a stylish modern look to match the game-changing technology designed to help high handicap golfers play better and enjoy the game more.

The new Wilson Launch Pad family of clubs includes forgiving irons, slice-combatting driver and fairway woods, plus a mixture of hybrid and FYbrid clubs to provide gapping for every player. Each of these latest clubs has been crafted to ensure that clubface contact propels the ball on a high trajectory consistently for greater distance carry.

The look of the new Launch Pad irons has changed dramatically from the popular original version introduced two years ago, with an update of its pioneering generative designed turf interaction sole. The woods are loaded with game-improvement features designed to carry more yards, hit more fairways and help overcome the dreaded slice.

“The original range achieved great success in meeting its main objective to help less skilled golfers get the ball airborne and gain consistency in the strike, but we knew it could be more aesthetically pleasing,” said Jon Pergande, Manager of Golf Club Innovation at Wilson Golf. “The new Launch Pad range features optimised technology on the irons to keep the club head on the ball and out of the grass, while in the woods it helps players overcome one of the most frustrating problems in golf - the slice - so shots fly straighter and with more accuracy. The look of the irons and woods now gives players greater confidence over the ball at address and test performance results are extremely encouraging,” he added.

Along with the updated generative designed turf interaction wide sole designed to deliver consistency in the swing and at impact, weight has been removed from the clubhead of the Wilson Launch Pad irons for a thinner topline look at address, while mass lowered to create an iron that launches the ball higher and flies it farther with less effort. New paint and finishing on the 2-piece, 17-4 Stainless Steel head are designed to resist scuffing.

“We’ve conducted extensive research on how the wide sole on the Launch Pad iron interacts with the turf at impact. Thanks to the sole design, the leading edge stays above the turf and produces a smaller divot, so the connection between clubhead and ball is a lot cleaner. We’ve seen a 1mph clubhead and ball speed increase with this latest technology allowing for longer and straighter shots,” added Jon.

The latest Wilson Launch Pad irons (4-SW men’s & 5-SW ladies) are available next month in right and left-handed options with a KBS Max Ultralite steel shaft (men’s only) or a Project X EvenFlow graphite option, both incorporating a Wilson Staff Midsize grip for men and Wilson Staff Performance grip for women. They will have an RRP of £600/€690 (5-PW) for steel shafts and £699/€810 for graphite shafts (5-PW).

The new range of Wilson Launch Pad woods – driver, fairway, hybrid and FYbrid – features an inherent draw bias to help high-handicap golfers combat the slice, so shots fly straighter and with more accuracy.

The Launch Pad driver is one of the lightest on the market, coupled with a lightweight EvenFlow shaft means an effortless swing speed for players of all types. Designed with a PKR (Peak Kinetic Response) face - also found on the brand’s D9 driver - the Launch Pad was created using advanced computer modelling, resulting in a Tour-proven geometry and improved ball speed across the entire face.

The latest clubhead design features an increased bulge radius to disguise the closed face angle and offset hosel transition. A +2˚ upright lie angle decreases the chance of a slice along with Progressive Heelside Weighting, moving the Centre of Gravity to a Face-to-Rear direction as the loft increases. “Since 68% of all shots hit by average handicap players are on the toe half of the face, we’ve increased the face area by over 5% compared to the original Launch Pad and the test results vindicate that modification,” said Jon.

The Launch Pad driver comes in a 9˚, 10.5֯ & 13֯ lofts for men and 13֯ for women in left and right-handed options with an RRP of £305/€350, featuring a Project X EvenFlow graphite shaft and a Wilson Staff Midsize grip for men and Wilson Staff Performance grip for women.

The Launch Pad fairway woods (3 -19°, 5 -19° & 7 -22° for men and women) are designed with the same ultra-lightweight club head and shaft as the driver for effortless swing and optimum results on every shot. A high-strength and super thin Carpenter Custom 455 face delivers higher ball speeds for maximum control, incredible feel and impressive distance.

With an RRP of £200/€230, the Launch Pad fairway woods are available with the same men’s and women’s shaft and grip stock options used on the driver. Left-hand models are available in the 3 and 5-wood men’s option.

Perfectly positioned between fairways and irons, the Launch Pad hybrids add the option of a 4 (22.5˚) and 5 (25.5˚) hybrid and a stronger lofted 19.5˚ FYbrid for both men and women, ensuring proper gapping for every player. All lofts feature the same high-strength and super thin Carpenter Custom 455 face found on the fairway woods, as well as being lightweight and draw-biased to help players who struggle with long irons and want effortless distance with the longer clubs in the bag.

The Wilson Launch Pad hybrid and FYbrid models are available at an RRP of £175/€200 with the same shaft and grip options used on the driver and fairway woods.

For more information on all Wilson products, including woods, irons, wedges, putters, balls and accessories, visit


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