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SuperSpeed Golf - Unleash Your Speed

How would you like to add distance to every club in your bag? For the past few years club head speed and distance have dominated the headlines on the professional tours. The longest players show up time and time again at the top of the leaderboards in the biggest events. But what about the recreational game? Distance is just as important for amateurs. Through the use of tracking technology and golf statisticians we now know that how far you hit the ball especially off the tee has a direct correlation to a lower scoring average.

Since 2014 SuperSpeed Golf has been at the forefront of training distance by providing a simple, easy, and effective way to increase club head speed for all segments of players. Based on the scientifically proven concept of OverSpeed Training, each SuperSpeed set comes with 3 specifically weighted clubs all designed around the weight of one’s own driver. By following the complimentary online protocols golfers will see a substantial increase in club head speed. Each session lasts approximately 8-10 minutes performed three times per week for optimal results.

SuperSpeed has proven record of results evidenced by more than 700 Tour players around the world using the system as well as thousands of every day golfers.

To get started with your journey to more speed visit or @superspeedgolf on social media.

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