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Game-changing premium shaft available in eight different colour combinations - KBS, the pioneering golf shaft brand that offers a high-performance shaft for every club in the bag, has launched its first-ever Graphite putter shaft, manufactured to help all golfers hole more putts and lower their scores. The new KBS GPS (Graphite Putter Shaft) extends the brand’s game-changing Graphite shaft options to six, including the TD Driver/Wood; the Tour Graphite Hybrid Prototype; and the three iron choices each suiting a different type of player – the Player Graphite Iron (PGI); the Tour Graphite Iron (TGI); and the Max Graphite iron shaft. The KBS GPS weighs 120 grams and goes up to a 38-inch option and is available in eight striking colours through the KBS Custom Plus + department, allowing golfers to pair up the most used club in the bag with a favourite shade or sports team. Laser etching on the shafts is also available.

Designed as a low torque performance shaft, which results in minimising deflection bend commonly found in traditional steel putter shafts on longer putts, along with better distance control and ensuring the ball starts on its desired line, the KBS GPS also incorporates a premium crafted composite materials and fibres to ensure stability, durability, and accuracy that produces the superior feel only felt in KBS Golf Shafts.

“We’ve been working on the GPS for a while following the success of the One Step putter shaft launched two years ago,” said Director of R&D and master shaft-maker Kim Braly.“ The GPS is stiff without adding increased weight as Graphite putter shafts can help the face from turning when a putt is struck toward the heel or toe. That will increase any putter’s moment of inertia (MOI) making putting more controlled on miss hits,” he added.

Played by more than 300 Tour players worldwide, KBS partners with every club manufacturer in the game and offers 18 different shafts across every club in the bag, including nine iron options depending on swing speed, all featuring different weights and flexes.

Along with the popular Graphite and iron shaft options, three wedge shafts offering different weights, flexes and trajectory are also available, along with the CT Tour and KBS Tour putter shafts.

All KBS shafts are designed to benefit the game of the broadest range of golfers – from global Tour stars to accomplished amateurs and juniors. The KBS GPS shaft is available from early April at an MSRP price of approximately £140.

For further details or to order your KBS shafts, visit

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