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England Golf is inviting women golfers to take part in a survey of golfing habits, attitudes and preferences to help them better understand the female golf audience in England. The number of women playing golf has grown significantly since the beginning of the pandemic. As well as an increase in those taking up golf club membership, there are more women heading to the range, playing shorter rounds and playing independently, which is why England Golf is particularly keen to hear from independent female golfers.

The survey will be promoted using the tag line ‘Make it Count’ and aims to support the work carried out to date around England Golf’s iGolf product. iGolf allows independent golfers to track their performance, input scores, obtain an official handicap and compete with friends. Insight from the initial stages of iGolf shows notable differences between independent golfers and club members upon which this survey intends to build. The data also shows that iGolf provides a clear pathway into club membership.

“The golf landscape has changed a lot over recent years,” comments Richard Flint, Chief Operating Officer “The only way we can better understand the different needs of our increasingly diverse audience is to gauge the opinions of all women playing the game. This will allow us to better connect and communicate with them and help us to support new and existing golfers to get the most out of the game.”

The survey will be open from October 21st for 3 weeks and all participants will be entered into a gift card prize draw. The female independent golfers will also be given the opportunity to become part of a wider study into iGolf with a free trial of the programme.

To participate in the survey click here or head to the iGolf home page


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